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Innovative Processing Equipment Solutions

Walker Engineered Products offers highly specialized consulting to the dairy, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and personal care industries as they seek to deploy precisely engineered stainless steel tanks, process vessels and silos.

With decades of experience in cutting-edge agitation technologies, heat transfer solutions, specialized alloys and regulatory compliance, we create highly customized solutions that work better, last longer and deliver better return on your investment.
Striving to solve the challenges unique to your application, our engineers work with you to optimize specifications and build the most operationally efficient solution.
Our specialized craftsmen combine unique expertise with the latest technology to prove operational capabilities before the manufacturing process begins.
Walker Engineered Products is a true partner in navigating your pathway to success. Holding our teams to exacting standards, no job is too difficult and no timeframe is too tight.

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DID YOU KNOW?   Walker Engineered Products has built silo tanks up to 80,000 gallons.

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