Why Walker

Committed to Your Success

Walker understands the need to deliver more quickly and efficiently than ever before, as even the slightest amount of downtime can impact your business. That's why we are deliberate in maintaining an equal focus on our customers, product line and continuous improvement initiatives.

Advocating safety, the number one value of our parent company, Wabash National, we are the founder and a steering committee member of the Cargo Tank Risk Management Committee. The organization is dedicated to proactively enhancing cargo safety. This attention to safety and carrier challenges such as regulations and other industry dynamics, is why customers and non-customers alike recognize Walker as a business expert and trusted resource.


Designed with the customer in mind, Walker tanks are built for quick loading and unloading and are easy to operate. These efficiencies add up to smooth day-to-day operations and, ultimately, your bottom line.


Walker raises the bar in thermal performance with our industry-first, lightweight urethane insulation. That enables longer, larger hauls at the achieved target temperature.


Our proprietary frame and cradle design lowers the center of gravity and adds capacity, so you can carry more payload and improve your total cost of ownership.

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