Why Choose Walker Engineered Products

Why Walker EP 1320x300

Why Walker Engineered Products

Since 1943, Walker Engineered Products has designed innovative solutions that help businesses maintain consistency in operations and product quality. Our industry-first, USDA-accepted horizontal tank agitator is one example. And, our field-proven installations in the most challenging applications speak to the superior quality derived from adherence to stringent standards and processes. Walker never stops drawing on and developing our depth of expertise and industry knowledge to create stainless processing equipment for highly specialized industries around the world.

Culture of Excellence

From industry-first breakthroughs to rigid inspection processes for superior quality, expect excellence from Walker Engineered Products, where we never take a "one size fits all" approach. We are proactive in understanding how industry trends affect each customer differently. Then, drawing on years of business expertise and resources from our parent company, Wabash National Corporation, our engineers use advanced modeling technologies to prove concepts and push the boundaries of possibility—so every piece of our equipment is designed for optimal efficiency and performance. 

Focus on Customer Service

Customer service starts on day one. This comes from knowing that proactive customer engagement and input are as critical as our own expertise in delivering to your unique specifications—on-time and on-budget—and in cultivating a long-lasting partnership. This is proven in our consistent track record of on-time delivery, as well as having received a Dannon Supplier of the Year award.

Uncompromised Integrity

Walker stands behind our products with first-class professionalism. Our employees, some with over 40 years of service, can attest to the long-standing partnerships we have and extensive group of customers who remain loyal to the Walker brand.

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