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Flexible solutions on your road to fuel economy.

Since 2009, Wabash National has been delivering trailer aerodynamic solutions with the performance fleets require to reduce operating costs. We take pride in being the first trailer OEM to develop a side skirt, the DuraPlate® AeroSkirt®, to alleviate the challenge of improving fuel economy.

Today, we offer North American fleets and trailer operators a complete line of semi-trailer aerodynamics solutions to meet their applications and fuel economy requirements. Working alone or in combination, our impact-resistant accessories are the highest performing aerodynamic solutions available. Wabash uses sophisticated computational fluid dynamics modeling, wind tunnel and track testing for each of our product innovations—leveraging both our own internal testing as well as third-party facilities. We consult with automotive aerodynamic engineering firms to inform our thinking for the next best flexible trailer aerodynamic solutions. 

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Durable fuel efficiency.

Our high-performance DuraPlate side skirts deliver better fuel economy and unmatched damage resistance.

Lightweight fuel efficiency.

Constructed with glass reinforced plastic, AeroSkirt CX® offers improved fuel economy with a flexible, extremely lightweight design.

End results. Literally.

Reduce wake at the rear of the trailer with our automatically deployed tail device. AeroFin XL® is high-strength, compact and lightweight for exceptional durability and performance.

A revolution in air management.

Minimize or eliminate drag points with the unique, segmented design of VentixDRS® which, when used with rear panel, delivers 50% better fuel economy than traditional side skirts.

Bridging the gap.

Reduce drag between cab and trailer or between multiple trailers—LTL or TL—with our easy-to-install AeroLink™.

Elite performance.

In combination VentixDRS and other Wabash National aerodynamic components, this addition makes your trailer U.S. EPA Certified SmartWay Elite. 

"We’ve gained about 1.2 miles per gallon just from aero. The extra dollars we save go toward driver bonus checks."

– Joel Morrow, R&D driving director, Ploger Transportation

Certified and American-made. Across the board.

DuraPlate Aeroskirt AeroSkirt Cx Ventix DRS AeroFinXL
Tail Device
Composite DuraPlate Glass Reinforced
Glass Reinforced
Glass Reinforced Theromplastic Thermoplastic Polyolefin
EPA Smartway Verified
CARB Compliant
Made in U.S.A

Make it U.S. EPA Certified SmartWay® Elite.

AeroSkirt Cx Ventix DRS AeroFinXL
Tail Device
SmartWay Elite
Qualifying Combo 1

(with Rear Panel)
SmartWay Elite
Qualifying Combo 2

(with Rear Panel)

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