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Advanced composite technology brings new levels of performance.

Addressing Industry challenges with innovative composite technologies

In 1996, Wabash National revolutionized the transportation industry with the introduction of DuraPlate composite panel technology. Today, trailers and truck bodies constructed with DuraPlate® are known to be the most durable and longest lasting on the road. Wabash continues to innovate in composite technology to expand our product portfolio and serve new markets beyond transportation, such as aviation and marine. 

As we work to introduce new advancements in DuraPlate panel technology, key areas of focus are performance, light weighting, process cost reduction and sustainability. Evolving core options, such as honeycomb, as well as next-generation skin options, equip manufacturers to address increasing product performance and customer requirements.

Molded Structural Composites (MSC) are the newest addition to the Wabash portfolio. The high-performance MSC composite technology used in our refrigerated trailers boosts thermal performance by up to 25 percent and reduces weight by up to 20 percent when compared to more conventional materials. This translates into reduced fuel consumption, increased cargo capacity and longer product lifecycles.

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“This is really about advanced materials science coming to bear within the basic trailer design,
and one of the first steps in the next generation of composite panel technology.”

– Brent Yeagy, President and Chief Executive Officer

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