Why Transcraft

“Know your money is protected with the Transcraft brand.”

– Wesley Dunn, Owner, RangeWay

Why Choose a Transcraft Trailer

At Transcraft, we understand what you deal with every day. From load flexibility to durability, and fuel efficiency to uptime, a Transcraft trailer has you covered. Our state-of-the-art Kentucky facility is home to engineers and a production team who get it because we’ve been working alongside you for more than 50 years. 

More Uptime

Custom design around your hauls and conditions means your Transcraft trailer will last longer and perform better—with less maintenance.

More Payload

We design our trailers for efficiency, stripping out the weight you don’t need while maintaining strength where it counts—giving you best fit solutions to maximize loads.

More Durability

Transcraft trailers are built to last—with customization for your unique load and options for the utmost corrosion resistance. 

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