EZ Stak Work Station Package: "Roadside: � Two 72""H x 48""W x 18""D shelf units with four fixed shelves evenly spaced with four adjustable dividers per shelf. � Two 72""H 12""W x 18""D locker units with left hinged door, locking T-handle, one fixed shelf placed 12"" from top, and three coat hooks. Curbside: � One 72""H 48""W x 18""D shelf unit with four fixed shelves evenly space, four adjustable dividers per shelf, and a hinged-down door with locking T-handle. � One 96""W x 18""D 1.5"" maple hardwood countetop with 36""H right side panel. � One 37.5""H x 36""W x 18"" drawer unit with 3-4"" drawers, 1-6"" drawer, and 2-8"" drawers. Comes with 20lb slides and three dividers per drawer."
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