The COLDTAINER product line includes a large range of state of the art 12V active mobile refrigerated containers. The containers are produced using the rotational molding technology according to the highest standards. They come in a variety of types, internal volumes and internal temperature ranges designed to satisfy all possible demands of professional users in term of temperature-controlled transport. Internal gross capacity 11.5 cubic feet (87 gallons). Single piece design is sturdy, durable and lightweight, with no junctions or cold bridges. Made of food grade polyethylene (PE), UV stabilized. Ultra-thick insulation made by PU foam. Designed for an easy cleaning and disinfection. Direct current cooling units designed for years of use on board of vehicles, providing low energy consumption and resistance to vibrations. Ambient temperature range from -4�F up to +120�F (with reduced speci?cations). Refrigeration system includes BD series 12V compressors, large surface roll-bond evaporators, ventilated high ef?ciency spiral tube condensers, electronic thermostat with digital display, battery protection system. Versions with automatic cooling / heating operation are available for the safe transport of sensitive products (i.e. pharmaceuticals, vaccines, blood). They maintain consistent temperature with a smooth air ?ow distribution, regardless of outside ambient temperature in alignment with GDP. AC/DC power supplies (input voltage 100-240Vac 50-60 Hz) available as accessories.
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