Spartan Cargo Truck Bodies

Supreme Spartan Service - 590x415

Exceptional Agility for Multi-stop Delivery

The Quicker Stop-and-Go Cutaway.

City streets and neighborhood roads are no contest for the Spartan Cargo. The low-profile design and exceptional maneuverability make for a smooth ride. Designed for practicality and flexibility the Spartan Cargo cutaway is the solution to get in, get out, and move on to the next stop.

“By the way, all of the trucks we received from you looked great! The fit and finish was second to none.”

–Mel Sheilds, Sales Representative, McCormick Motors

Practical Design

  • Low-profile design and low floor height for easier cargo access
  • Stand-up interior height for comfortable access
  • Anti-skid floor provides better traction to prevent slips
  • Step bumper for easy and safe cargo area entry
  • Solutions available for traditional, alternative fuel and electrified chassis

Popular Options 

  • Full-height cab access door
  • Ultra-low, step-saver side door
  • Translucent roof
  • Custom interior fixed or adjustable shelves
  • Ladder rack and rear access ladder
  • Hitch receiver
  • Application-specific cargo control packages 

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