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Carrying, moving, transporting. Whatever you call it, we know that HOW it’s done is as critical as getting it done.

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When sufficient is not enough

What's the difference between just getting by and true success? Partnering with an industry leader.

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Give efficiency a boost

A vehicle that performs under the everyday rigor and trade-specific demands—that’s more for your investment.

Upfit Solutions & Service

Value-add Solutions for the Final Mile

Agility. That's what it takes to face new and emerging demands in today's fast-changing industry. Supreme provides relevant, timely solutions and services to help customers navigate and succeed in today’s final mile business—and turn tomorrow’s challenges into opportunities.

Our comprehensive portfolio is built on decades of experience, dedicated R&D, advanced composite technologies, manufacturing excellence and industry-driven knowledge. So, choosing Supreme means choosing value-add, final mile business solutions, including high-performance, long-lasting equipment, as well as one-stop options for commercial vehicle upfitting, parts and service.

Get business done—and done right—with a reliable Supreme truck body that lasts longer and improves your bottom line. 
No matter the location, our large parts and service network provides peace of mind and keeps you on the road longer. 
From short- and long-distance routes, to narrow roads and wide-open highways, we’re invested in your final mile success. 

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