General Chemical Stainless Tank Trailer

Brenner - Chemical Tank Trailer  590x415

Precision Engineering

Brenner stainless steel chemical tank trailers deliver quality and peace of mind. 

Every Brenner chemical tank is manufactured with precision, using the widest sheet of stainless steel, unlike piecework processes that leave room for corrosion-related weld failures or leaks. Combining the work of skilled craftsmen and automated welding ensures impeccable joint accuracy and fit-up at critical areas, such as head and center tank seams. The channel heat panels are the industry benchmark for heat transfer, performance and strength.

Whether you want to add-on a few extra options, or are seeking fully customized equipment, we are ready to get the job done in our best-in-class manufacturing facilities. 

DID YOU KNOW?   Our exclusive fit and finish perfectly aligns joints and seams, eliminating gaps and areas for debris, condensation or corrosion.

Unmatched features

  • Sophisticated heat system
  • Premiere craftsmanship and gap-free welds
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Integrated safety features including ladders, walkway and ergonomics
  • Varied material options to optimize durability and weight
  • Fully customizable
  • 4-year limited warranty

Unlimited benefits

  • Precision temperature control ensures integrity of contents
  • Long lasting—for up to 30 years on the road
  • Optimal performance for your application
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Less downtime

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Work alongside our team of experienced engineers to design a tank trailer customized for your needs.

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