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Benson Aluminum Flatbed and Drop Deck Trailers

When the Benson aluminum flatbed trailer was introduced in 1984, it revolutionized the trucking industry. With a constantly improving standard of performance and quality and numerous customization options, Benson trailers meet any and all requirements for the most demanding applications. From higher payloads to improved corrosion resistance, from longer product life to higher ROI, Benson aluminum flatbed and drop deck trailers deliver industry-leading performance.

Aluminum Flatbed Trailers

Premium quality and consistent high performance meet in Benson aluminum flatbed trailers. Our commitment to superior craftsmanship has earned the trust of North American truckers for generations.

Aluminum Drop Deck Trailers

For greater versatility and payload with lower cost per mile, look no further than Benson aluminum drop deck trailers. Whatever your requirements, Benson delivers solutions. 

Benson Application 360x240

No matter how demanding your application and requirements, Benson can meet them with the quality, durability and flexibility you need. Here are just a few options to customize for particular industries and standards.

  • Agricultural Equipment Transport
  • Construction Materials Transport
  • Manufacturing Materials Transport
  • Steel Coil Transport

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